MultiTX Series

MultiTX Series

MultiTX Series, a Compact and Cost-Effective solution for last mile coverage extension in digital TV networks.

The TRedess MultiTX Series is a new family of very compact and highly flexible Low Power TV Transmitters and Gap Fillers, hosting multiple UHF channels in the same 19x5HU subrack, helping network operators in their DTT network coverage extensions in a cost-optimum way, especially for the networks operating multichannel sites -multiple MUX at the same site-.



- 1W, 5W, 10W Transmitters and Gap Fillers.

- Compact, modular and flexible solution.

- Multi-standard (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC).

- Up to 9 UHF channels in a 5HUx19’’ subrack.

- Top class GF performance (Gain margin 30dB).

- Built-in IP input for Transmitters with DAP.

- Very Low Power consumption.

- SFN and MFN configurations.

- Redundancy system N+1, 1+1, Power Supply.

- Easy operation and hot-plug modules.

- Built-in Modem (option) for remote connection.


Advanced Features

A MultiTX system makes use of considerably less space than conventional low-power systems for multichannel sites, what is also a major advantage at sites where space is very limited. MultiTX Series addresses multiple kind of applications, as the family includes transmitters, transposers, gap fillers and re-transmitter solutions in several output powers up to 10W, and covering multiple TV Standards (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC) with multiple redundancies being also supported (PSU redundancy, 1+1, N+1).

The MultiTX Series has been designed also to optimize the energy consumption, and the very small depth of the solution makes it an ideal solution to be placed in sites with very limited infrastructure. Additionally, the top-class performance of its embedded DEEC Echo canceller makes the MutiTX Gap Filler systems capable to operate in very complex echo conditions.

Additional features as the built-in Modem, SAT receiver option, etc., allows also the devices to be remotely managed and operate in sites with very limited connectivity.

Configuration 1xPSU + 9xTX
Configuration 2xPSU + 4xTX + 3xGF + MNG

1. Outstanding compactness and flexibility

The MultiTX Series allows very flexible configuration reaching a high level of integration:

  • Up to 9 UHF channels in a 5HU×19 subrack.
  • Up to 7 UHF channels in a 5HU×19 with 2×PSU Remote Management.

This modular and flexible combination of modules is allowing the network operator to select the most optimum configuration for each particular site, hence optimizing the cost of the solution, and making it easy to expand and modify the system in order to adapt to new system requirements -new channels, additional redundancies, etc-. The built-in IP input for transmitters with DAP also contributes to optimize the cost and to save rack space, avoiding the need of additional elements.

Additional modules as: GNSS receiver modules -single or redundant receivers-, DVB-S/S2 receiver module, are available in the MultiTX family to cover a wider range of applications.

Redundancies: Apart from the PSU redundancy, the MultiTX family counts with the Channel redundancy functionalities -1+1, N+1- adding an additional N+1 switching unit. In the event of a failure, the standby transmitter automatically takes on the settings of the faulty transmitter and replaces the affected module.

2. Top class performance for challenging applications

MultiTX Series is an excellent solution for sites with limited IT infrastructures -built-in Modem for remote connection and SNMP management-.

It is also ideal for sites with minimal space requirements due to the small depth of the 5HU subrack -25cm-, and the fact that all user interfaces are accessible from the front. This is making possible to host the MultiTX system in any small outdoor rack unit -hanging on a post, wall, roadside, etc.- and opening up the possibility to install the MultiTX system in sites not specially designed for TV broadcasting.

Additionally, the built-in DEEC Echo canceller makes the MultiTX Gap Filler systems able to operate in very complex echo scenarios:

This makes possible to operate MultiTX Gap Fillers in sites with very limited isolation between RX and TX antennas, being able to transmit a higher power from the same site an providing a more stable operation at the site.

3. Modular architecture

The architecture is based on a subrack frame of 5xHU 19 with 10 slots interconnected via a backplane. One slot is reserved for the PSU module -1×PSU is enough to drive the entire system- and the remaining 9 slots are used to build a MultiTX system configuration by combining transmitting modules of 3 different types -transmitter, transposer/gap filler or re-transmitter-, with also each module type being available in 3 different output powers -1W, 5W and 10W-, and with the possibility to include modules with different output powers in a single subrack.

A second -redundant- PSU module can also be added to the system.

Additionally, an optional Remote Management module -with a built-in modem- can be included for remote connection via SNMP, web, etc.

Each transmitting module is a complete transmitter -including exciter and amplifier- and operates totally independent from the other modules in the system sharing the PSU and the remote management module.

All modules are hot-swap for easy installation, maintenance and support. In case more channels are required at the same site, multiple 5HU subracks can be used in a system.

Totally modular solution
Hot-pluggable modules accessible from front panel

Advantages & Benefits

- The most optimum configuration for each particular site.
- Optimizing the cost of the solution.
- Redundancies to automatically replaces the affected module.
- Excellent solution for sites with limited IT infrastructures.
- Ideal for sites with minimal space requirements.
- Gain margin up to 30 dB.
- Multipath Echoes with Doppler/Raileigh echoes with a very flexible cancellation window system.
- Low MER degradation.
- Compact and modular.