TRedess is a leading company in professional telecommunications solutions, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of competitive, reliable and innovative AIR COOLED UHF & VHF Transmitters & Gap Fillers for Digital Terrestrial TV and Radio broadcasting networks.

TRedess portfolio of solutions is covering output powers from LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH (nowadays reaching up to 5KW in air cooled) for DTT and DAB+ networks.

TRedess is a certified by EN ISO 9001:2015

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Digital TV & Radio Broadcasting

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Our main products are Transmitters, Gap Fillers and Regenerative Transposers for both Digital Terrestrial Television Networks (DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0) and Digital Radio Networks (DAB+).

TRedess aim is to offer an optimum solution to any network operator facing any of the field/customer applications listed below, by providing the latest and most efficient technology available and all this based in very reliable and cost competitive solutions:

-          Countries´ Analogue Switch Off (ASO) Digital Switch Over, implying the deployment of completely new DTT or DAB+ networks.

-          Technological evolution of DTT or Radio Networks, as for example migration from T to T2, etc.

-          Network operators going thru the renovation of the Transmitters sites (looking for optimization of energy efficiency, etc…)

-          Network operators going thru the 700MHz clearance process.

-          Expanding the coverage of DTT and DAB+ DVB-T/T2/H networks.

-          Filling shadow areas and coverage gaps.

-          Regional and local DTT and DAB+ networks deployment.

-          System Integrators looking for an excellent compromise of quality+support+price to build Digital TV and Radio networks.

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Our costumers / Our growth

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TRedess has been collaborating with some of the major national and regional DTT and DAB+ network operators worldwide.

TRedess Broadcast Systems are installed in all areas of the world, with a major and very outstanding footprint in Europe (with very relevant projects in Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, etc…) and also with very relevant projects in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan …), Africa (Morocco, Mali, South Africa, …), America (Chile, Peru, Brasil, …)

This is leading TRedess to count nowadays with more than 19.000 transmitting devices up and running worldwide on the field, with TRedess solutions being present in more than 50 countries.

So, although in its origins, TRedess was a company mainly focusing in the Low power and Gap filler solutions, in the recent years TRedess portfolio has been significantly growing with Medium and High Power solutions (with all this growth being supported by many multiple international projects awarded), and becoming nowadays not just the reference supplier for the Low power and Gap Filler but also a major and very relevant player in Medium to High Power sites in Air cooled.

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Team & Organization

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The growth of TRedess is based in our highly qualified team, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals, who work to give a quick response to our market needs. TRedess is composed today by a team of highly qualified people, approximately 40% of them being engineers.

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TRedess is year after year doing a solid and constant investment in R&D, so we are able to develop competitive, reliable and innovative solutions responding to these markets in technological evolution. 

Our young and talented R&D engineers develop innovative products with the latest technology, anticipating the new technological challenges in the telecommunications sector.

TRedess philosophy is to count with a complete control of the DESIGN and MANUFACTURING of the product: Examples of this is that TRedess counts with its own developed Modulator (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, ATSC 3.0, DAB+), its own UWB Doherty pallet amplifier, its own GPS receiver, etc

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Manufacturing and Quality control

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Being a company forming part of Televes Corporation, all TRedess products are manufactured in-house in the several companies of the Televes Corporation (mechanics, PCB manufacturing, SMD assembly lines, quality control, EMC laboratory, …).

This is allowing TRedess devices to the manufactured using the most advanced and automatic production facilities to manufacture high quality equipment.


The full control on the design and also in the whole production process, allows TRedess to commit to:

-          being able to quickly react to peaks in production

-          being able to flexibly adapt the product to particular customer demands

-          being able to provide a good after sales service

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Reasons to choose us

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Based on:


  • The high quality and top class performance of TRedess Transmitters and Gap Fillers.
  • The very wide experience in  DTT and DAB+ projects worldwide
  • The specialization of TRedess in the Air cooled sector (Low/Medium/High)
  • The very competitive prices
  • The high manufacturing capabilities and full control of the entire design and manufacturing process, leading to an outstanding support service.
  • The flexibility to adapt our solutions to the particular needs of the customer
  • The financial health and stability of the company


makes TRedess a very reliable and stable partner for your future DTT or DAB+ deployment.