Customer support


In TRedess we believe it is not enough with the design and development of TV and Radio broadcasting solutions reliable and efficient. It is also very important to provide training and high quality support to ensure that our equipment operates at peak performance and the customer gets the maximum benefit from our systems.

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By default, all of our customers can rely on our service Customer Care Service. Special conditions such as response times for resolution of incidents, equipment warranty, delivery of spare parts, supply warranty, storage of equipment in reserve as a backup for emergencies, onsite interventions, etc.. are set individually for each client.


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Customer Care Service

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By default, all our customers can rely on our customer service team, available via e-mail:

We provide support in English,French and Spanish, and prompt attention to incidents. Available for the duration of the contract, it includes: resolution of technical issues, both general and specific to our systems, incident management, repair requests management (in case equipment is needed), provision of firmware updates.


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Warranty and coverage

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TRedess equipment functioning is guaranteed to customerfrom the date of delivery. The warranty periods and coverage are set between the client and TRedess.

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Delivery of spare parts

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We work closely with our customers, to encourage customers the number of spare parts needed depending on project size and other variables.

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Security of supply

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TRedess grants equipment supply after the completion of the contract, time in which spare parts of the equipment supplied are available, as well as the hardware or firmware upgrades that may be necessary to grant its proper operation.


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Onsite intervention

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TRedess also offers onsite intervention services, such as support to the customer or for resolution of incidents.