Corp4Future: "Creation, Design and Development of New Solutions and Tools for the Industry of the Future."

Corp4Future is an ambitious project of the Televes Corporation to join up the revolution of the Industry 4.0., supported by Xunta de Galicia. The Autonomous Government, after doing a proposal assessment and a public call through competitive tendering, has included the project in the incentives program for investments in the intelligent industry sector.

Corp4Future is a four years project and it supposes a great commitment for the companies of Televes Corporation, because they will invest more than € 23,000,000 on it. This project will have as a consequence the creation of 120 new career profiles with great opportunities of continuous training and professional growth. Indeed, the project will increase the ability of Televes Corporation in order to keep the leadership in national and international markets and improve its positioning in new scopes such as healthcare services, energy efficiency, smart cities or aeronautics. This project will have a huge positive effect in work and business environment (suppliers, dealers, co-workers…) because the Corporation intends to keep all current R&D jobs and create new ones.

The general objectives of the project are the following:

GO1: Improvement of the Corporation productive processes through the use of new technologies.

GO2: Design and development of new solutions and technologies in order to get the excellence and enter in new markets, strengthening the Galician industrial fabric.

GO3: Opening of new markets and consolidation of the traditional ones through the improvement of productivity.

GO4: Improvement of information and communication systems between the Corporation and customers in order to offer customized products, according to the paradigms of the Industry 4.0.

GO5: Development of a prototype that shows the new acquired skills in the paradigm of the Industry 4.0. and the achieved processes improvement.